Treatment Results


Traumatic events can happen to anyone at any age and in any circumstance. Sometimes traumas develop in adulthood, sometimes in very early childhood. This has a big impact on the development of the child. It is essential to quickly find help to process traumas, whether they occur in child or adulthood.

The average age of the first 300 clients treated by PSYTREC with the INTENSIVE8® treatment programme was 38 years. At PSYTREC we treat clients from 18 years of age up and in principle do not have an age limit. Slightly more than half of our clients are female. 60% of clients’ traumatic events have taken place in their childhood. PSYTREC’s treatment programme showed that, fortunately, the treatment of trauma, in early childhood was as successful as that of trauma in adulthood.

The figure shows the severity of the PTSD scores of the Clinician Administered PTSD Scale (CAPS) before and after the 8-day treatment at PSYTREC. There was a very large treatment effect (Cohen’s d=1.7). The figure also shows that, if we divide patients into four groups of clients (people who have experienced no sexual abuse, people who have experienced sexual abuse before the age of 12, people who have experienced sexual abuse between their 12 and 18, and people who have been sexually abused after their 18th), they all benefit equally from treatment (no significant difference).

Source: Wagenmans, A., Van Minnen, A., Sleijpen, M., De Jongh, A. (in print). The Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on the Outcome of Intensive Trauma-Focused Treatment for PTSD. European Journal of Psychotraumatology.

A small percentage does not respond or responds insufficiently to the INTENSIVE8® treatment programme. They may experience a clinical improvement, however, they show too little improvement on the CAPS (Clinical Administered PTSD Scale) test. The percentage that responds positively to the programme is significantly higher than has been known so far in existing mental health service. For example, results show that after the treatment at PSYTREC the majority of clients (82.9%) has achieved a significant clinical decline in symptoms. The majority (54.9%) does not fulfill the criteria of his or her PTSD diagnosis after 8 days of treatment and scores below the cut-off score of the CAPS.