PSYTREC believes that a short, intensive and effective treatment of PTSD is possible. We know from research and our experience that it is possible to achieve good results in five or eight days with the INTENSIVE8® treatment programme. The treatment programme consists of the same treatment elements, but vary in length. Together with you, PSYTREC will carefully consider which programme best suits your request for help best, depending on the number and severity of your traumas. The INTENSIVE8® treatment programme consists of two sets of four consecutive days within two weeks. You will be in treatment for four days, rest for three days and then continue treatment for another four consecutive days. The programme also provides information and advice to the patient’s relatives and is completed by a closing session.


INTENSIVE8® consists of a number of treatment elements: psychological treatment sessions based on EMDR and Exposure Therapy, Sports and Fitness and Psycho-Education. Below is a short explanation of each treatment element.

EMDR Therapy

EMDR is a proven method whereby individuals’ working memory is taxed while he or she brings up the traumatic memory. People can’t do two things at once, for example play a complicated piano piece and at the same time chant the seventeen times table. EMDR uses the same principle. The images of the trauma and the distracting stimulus compete with each other, so that the memory of the traumatic event will gradually become less clear and less emotionally charged. These are one-to-one sessions.

Exposure Therapy

During prolonged exposure patients are exposed to the memories of the traumatic events by means of imagining the memories as vividly as possible and describing these in detail, aloud, and in the present tense, for at least 60 minutes. In vivo material that reminds the patient of the traumatic event, are incorporated in the sessions. These are one-to-one sessions.

Sports and Fitness Programme

The Sports and Fitness Programme is an important part of the day programme. It gives the client the opportunity to unburden after a heavy session, but also teaches the client to explore his/her own boundaries and to gain confidence in his/her own body. In consultation with the client, the intensity of the sports programme will be adapted to the person’s fitness or physical impairments. The sports activities take place in a group.

Every night, clients will be educated about the following subjects: PTSD, triggers, avoidance, the treatment, recovery, and return to ordinary life. Psycho-Education gives clients increasingly more insight into their own progress during treatment. Psycho-Education takes place in a group.