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PSYTREC was founded by Professor Ad de Jongh PhD and Professor Agnes van Minnen PhD. Our mission is two-fold: to offer a solution to the long waiting lists for patients with PTSD and to improve their treatment. It is PSYTREC’s purpose that more people benefit from the effective evidence based treatment in order to prevent unnecessarily long suffering. To become successful, PSYTREC has developed a new treatment method, which includes EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) therapy, Exposure treatment and intensive physical activities. We call this method INTENSIVE8®.

PSYTREC was founded in The Netherlands in 2014. We have treated over 3000 patients (as of octobre 2018) and we will treat more than 1800 patients during 2018. PSYTREC’s treatment results are impressive. Approximately 60% of people who have been in treatment ‘lose’, as it is called within the science community, their PTSD diagnosis. People who after treatment haven’t lost the PTSD diagnosis nevertheless gain much benefit from this treatment. Approximately 85% of people who have been in treatment with PSYTREC have a significant reduction in PTSD symptoms. The program also works for patients with multiple disorders. This means that PSYTREC also welcomes people with PTSD who have psychoses or serious dissociations.

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